About Me

music a part in my key roll in life first starting listing to pink floyd , with no choice of tha dad sticking it on like 24/7
the loving music sound started for me , all up in the air a gitiar was my first part of my music fantacy , by 12 xmas precent my gutair
and amp arrived . with only knowlage from watching pink floyd i started to play , realyings that i was left handed and could get the grips
with it . flicking the argos for few weeks , very confussed that i couldnt do it , i need something else to solve the problem of music i neded ther and .
after flicking throw coming across a pair of homemix belt drive turn tabels at set of 250 pond . asap i wa son to my dad to sell the gutair .
finaally they arrived with only knowlage from tv . and frends , hmv and derrick records was the place for records for these turn tabels .
not a clue in what to do and very young in what ive just taking on , with home mix pair of belt drive turn tabels came a free disc .
with only the internet linked to mam dads room puting the free disc with tidy boys on it showing the some parts on djing . with my decks in
bedroom just down the hall i would watch the them and run bkl and four as much i can trying to do what they exsplained . so young and not clue
what i taking on was more than i thought , with the love for music and the way it made me felt i was giving up just yet . this is my histroy
on the best thing that ever happen to me ( music ) right from the start . with the decks all up in the air and every one buying a pair it was
a race to the top . after practings for 2 years or so building up records and watching the frree demo (tidy boys ) .giving with the decks
i satred to pick up . with not the best futre in scholl at tye time was out main strem really early and put on school not boy courciss
ended up in the one best palce ( pstive directions ) with bricklaying and dj both around size of my mini studio i hav at home now build it
last year in the back of mams a litle project im working on , there they were ( techincs mark 2 ) concealed in silever steel caseisi .
a computer also linked up next to it with the first look around interduced my member of staff names steve with a twin brother bryun .
smashing best and sounded us guys ive ever met and was greatfull in been in thyere company . steve introudeced me to the music room ,
whers as of ied be spending the carreir of my school . with all aving decks me and few the boys ( marting colloings – my manger , promter . dj )
( nick lloyd – best mate . dj ) i realised it was my first bit of knowlage to take back that i now would av been learinig .
all up and running i was 110% in focusing and learning what i could with steve . with doing bricklaying as the hard part
learining music as a reward for 2 hours day that is what i was waking up to go to have something now to foucus on in life .with steve
leting me into some the best things now im satrting to exsprience . learing how to beat match with a litle knolwage i learened from
home , i had a ruff idea in what i wa doing , after a lessons with steve one on one there , i than new the right way in how to beat match ,
with lilte knowlage i new , i now started to understand the way of music , years fly by as i get older playing here or there , loving the
fact that i was now geting rite into music and loving it , people starting to notice the love i had for music and was giving as much support as they could thro this for me , by time i was 17 , thanks to (darren grove) dj / produccer / night holder (dirt box ) i had a set at the crow bar
swansea, hy in its prime at the time , playing elctro at 127 – 128 bpm , with a room full of supporters it was time to shine and get into the muisc
and feel what was geting let out to the crowd , best feeling by far i new nwa was playing music out , head down paracticing deadaction ,
i was flat out into it , more gigs wer in throw the years even seting up my local litle night up by me to get every one invoveld in the music.
after going to the escape night club swansea was massive for me ust to walk past the mian arena and think to my self i would love to be there ,
befre i new it i have now played in that room several time s , the room 2 and the lounge , with much respect to – (REHAB)matt jones , for giving me the oppertuntiy to play i hav been so happy in doing this , the main club in swansea im now there after all my hard work , summer looking up for me in may , and july as i had a phone call not so long ago to play in cafe maboas , and other venues in july , so thats the main one , with my head down foucsing geting ready for a massive change in my life steping stone . i will keep u updated 2014 , myy trip to ibiza will be on the roll , leats c what 2014 brings to me , thanks

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